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Posted on 26th Sep 2011, 12:22 PM in Episode 01
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Okay, sorry this got all jumbled at the end, but this IS the LAST PAGE of EPISODE ONE of Soul Coat. I AM working on EPISODE TWO already, but it probably wont premier until November sometime. Thanks everyone who reads and keeps up with this, and I hope everyone looks forward to the continuation of the story.

I have also gone through some editing sessions, so expect to see some great visual overhauls in episode two,(formatt wise especially) Soul Coat will always have a "cartooney" look to it but i think what im working with now gives it amore proffessional feel. And for those of you who are Grammar Nazis, YES, I WILL BE SPELLCHECKING NOW. So you can tanke your jackboots off.

Anyway, again, thanks everyone for all feedback, and for loving comics. Remember, tell your kids, tell your friends, tell your nerdy math teacher, just get the word out! And Episode 2 will be premiering sometime in November, HOPEFULLY with 2 weekly updates and NO computer issues.

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